Lena Dunham's First Foray into Fashion Design Involves Sunrises and Bears Eating Pudding

Photo: Courtesy; Jeremie Andrew

When it comes to clothing, Lena Dunham has never been one to shy away from anything eye-catching, let alone a bold, graphic motif (just see her Bill Murray-adorned tee and leggings, floral video series dress, and Italian vacation ensemble). So it should come as no surprise that when the Girls actress decided to try her hand at fashion, she started with prints. Dunham and designer Erin Kleinberg have collaborated on three prints for the spring/summer 2015 collection of Kleinberg's eponymous label (available mid-February), and they are just as cheery as the star and designer themselves.

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Kleinberg, who relaunched her line with the fall/winter 2014 collection, says she had been thinking about reinvention and evolution when she and Dunham were introduced by a mutual friend. "To me, Lena is totally refreshing," the designer tells InStyle. "Such a breath of fresh air and lately I have been so inspired by girls who are inspirational beyond just style." Kleinberg asked Dunham how she would feel about working on some prints (the brand's first-ever custom ones), and the rest is history.

Jeremie Andrew

As for the process of creating the designs, it's no surprise that the super-talented Dunham was a natural. "Lena called out a few abstract concepts that she's been obsessed with lately: The idea of being awake at sunrise, reading books in bed, angry bears, and those bears eating pudding snacks!" Kleinberg says. "Our team had so much fun taking that vague list and fusing it with our everyday EK principles and watching the concepts come to life."

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