By Kelsey Glein
Updated Oct 30, 2015 @ 10:00 am
2015 Film Society Of Lincoln Center Summer Talks With Judd Apatow And Lena Dunham
Credit: Mike Pont/WireImage

One thing's certain: Lena Dunham isn't shy about showing off her physique. The Girls star took to Instagram last night to share an epic #ThrowbackThursday photo that was initially meant for someone else entirely—the guy she had a crush on in 2010.

The snap features Dunham laying on a lounge chair wearing a black-and-white bikini as she looks into the camera, and she posted it with the caption: "#tbt to summer 2010 when I forced my mom to take a photo of me that I could "casually" text to the dude I liked. He didn't respond so now I'll share it with 2.1 million people. Live a little!"

But this isn't the first picture Dunham has 'grammed that shows off her body—she has shared images of herself in workout clothes and lingerie in the past. More power to you, Lena.