By Isabel Jones
Nov 03, 2016 @ 2:45 pm

Just when we were beginning to wonder if there’s anything Lena Dunham can’t do, the actress/writer/creator/producer clapped back with a resounding no—and then started rapping.

The longtime Hillary Clinton supporter took her passion for the presidential hopeful to the one place all passion must eventually be channeled: a music video set. With the help of Funny or Die, Cynthia Erivo, and Charlamagne tha God, Dunham (aka M.C. Pantsuit) funneled her political enthusiasm into her debut rap, the “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem.”

Dressed in a stylish red pantsuit (of course), the Girls star laid out Clinton’s greatest qualities and accomplishments in verse, referring to the former Secretary of State as “the nation’s baddest grandmother.”

Naturally, Dunham’s rap ended in the way most of Dunham’s projects do: with the 30-year-old losing some layers. M.C. Pantsuit stripped down to her “sensual pantsuit” in the video, explaining, “You’ve got to show your whole body—everything that you have—for the candidate you love.” Killin’ it, girl.

If you do anything today, please, watch this hilarious video!