Lena Dunham Reflects on Her "Huge Growth" in 2015

Lena Dunham
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Lena Dunham was once best known as the 20-something year-old actress who shook things up with her hit HBO show Girls. After all, who can forget when her lead character, Hannah Horvath, professed to be “the voice of my generation—or at least a voice of a generation”?

And while the successful series continues to keep the 29-year-old star busy, she’s proven to successfully get her feet wet in other fields. So how does she feel she’s grown in 2015? “I think it was really amazing for me. My partner, Jenni Konner, and I started LennyLetter.com, which is an e-newsletter with a feminist bent. And it was really exciting to me to be able to share not just my voice, but to be able to share other women’s voices and sort of create a dialogue around issues that are important to us," she tells InStyle.

So far, the newsletter is nothing but successful, featuring interviews with 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and J.Crew executive and street-style star Jenna Lyons. “That was huge growth for me, just finding that other outlet to talk about these issues beyond just Girls or a red carpet. And then, I think, in terms of personal growth, always working on it. There’s always room for improvement.”

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Dunham may feel the need to exceed her own expectations, but we’re thoroughly impressed with her championing of equal rights. To empower women everywhere, and specifically in Hollywood, she believes women in the business need to begin “hiring people of color and hiring LGBTQ people and making sure that the roles that have been traditionally filled by men have new faces in them.”

Don’t think her success is something she expected, though. “I feel really lucky that I arrived at a time when people were receptive to me, and when I had the opportunity to make this work,” she says. “And there are so many women who cleared the way for me to do that, that I don’t feel like a game changer. I just feel like someone who showed up at the right time, at the right place.”

—With reporting by Carita Rizzo

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