Planned Parenthood
Credit: Instagram

Lena Dunham and Planned Parenthood Action Fund have united to encourage women to vote before the Nov. 4 midterm elections, and they recruited a slew of inspiring ladies to help to do so. Dunham asked ladies such as Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler to take a photo of themselves wearing the limited-edition tee Dunham created for Planned Parenthood. The Girls star then took to her own Instagram account and Twitter feed to share the photos of the "bold and brave" models.

Last night Dunham began sharing the photos, and we were wowed by the awesome ladies who decided to lend their support for Planned Parenthood Action Fund's Women are Watching campaign. Scroll down to take a look at everyone who participated.

1. Mindy Kaling:"The inimitable @mindykaling, a beloved voice for women and an angel in pink."

2. Janet Mock:"Honored to have THE @janetmock in my Lena 3's>

3. Ellen Page:"More bold brave models tomorrow... But dream of Ellen Page tonight."

4. Sara Bareilles:"Oh lord it's Sara Bareilles..."

5. Rashida Jones:"And Rashida Jones!!!"

6. Jenna Lyons:"She's the president of our closets... She's Jenna Lyons."

7. Jemima Kirke:"And how about Jemima Kirke and her beautiful babies standing for Planned Parenthood."

8. Gabrielle Union:"Is there anything fiercer than @gabunion ?"

9. Amy Schumer: "Amy Schumer, you beautiful nut!"

10. America Ferrera:"Goddamn, America Ferrera, you slay me."

11. Amy Poehler:"The angel known as Knope."

12. Leslie Mann:"Couldn't pick just one of the beauty known as Leslie Mann, so here are three."

13. Retta:"Ladies and gentleman, it's @unforettable!"

14. Sara Quin:"It's Sara Quin and... Sara Quin! @teganandsara."

Want to lend your support to the Women are Watching campaign? Purchase a T-shirt for $25 at