Lena Dunham Wants You to Buy Her "Nudes"

Lena Dunham Headshot Lead 5
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

No, we don't mean those kinds of nudes... Getting a manicure with Lena Dunham over conversation on different ways to smash the patriarchy ranks high on our bucket list, though the star's latest venture just might be the next best thing until we reach BFF status. For her new ecommerce section of her website Lenny, our favorite Girl has partnered with Chrissy Malmsheimer of Rad Nails (you know, the company that brought us Ryan Gosling nail wraps) to create a girl-powered decal set by the duo, aptly-dubbed Nudes.

Lena Dunham Is About to Transform Your Manicure

So, what's in the name? Take a closer look at the pattern above. The illustrations are definitely risqué in the best tongue-in-cheek fashion, but are abstract enough to make them slightly safe for work—or anyway, we're pretty sure your boss won't completely notice just how cheeky your mani is. Head over to Lenny to pick up a pack of Nudes right now for $12, and to check out more of Dunham's girl-powered offerings.

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