Lena Dunham Praises Taylor Swift for Her "Cutting Testimony"

As Taylor Swift's courtroom drama with former deejay David Mueller wages on, Lena Dunham spoke out in praise of the pop star's "cutting testimony."

On Thursday, the Girls creator proved that friendship is forever, taking to Twitter to support the "Wildest Dreams" songstress during her embroiling legal battle, which alleges that the one-time radio host groped Swift during a meet-and-greet session before a concert in 2013.

"Proud of @taylorswift13 for her fierce & cutting testimony & her refusal to settle for being treated like property. Her example is powerful," Dunham wrote, cementing her status as one of Tay's fiercest and most loyal squad members.

The Grammy Award winner, who stayed largely out of the limelight this year, has also been lauded by fans on social media for her strong stand in response to questioning. "I'm not going to allow you and your client in any way make me feel like it's my fault, because it isn't," she said to the opposition. The star noted that she hopes to "serve as an example to other women." Mission accomplished.

Looks like Tay's squad (and her fans) are forever!

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