Lena Dunham Looks EXACTLY Like Millie Bobby Brown in This Throwback from '97

What if Lena Dunham is Millie Bobby Brown’s older sister? What if in an alternative universe, they’re actually the same person? How have we lived before this moment?

These are the questions circling in our minds after Lena Dunham posted an image on Instagram. Yes, an image that has since blown our minds.

In the throwback shot from 1997 (below), a young, 11-year-old Dunham poses for the camera while looking as innocent as ever. According to her caption, the photo is from her first-ever Lilith Fair, a music festival that drew some of the boldest women ever.

We’d expect Dunham to have been an advocate of women’s rights and equality from a young age. But prepare for stranger things. Doesn’t she look so much like 13-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown? That short, youthful haircut. That button nose and happy smile. Guys, it sounds creepy, but you’ve got to take a closer look.

For that we turned to Bobby Brown’s Instagram. Below are several shots in which she looks JUST LIKE 11-year-old Dunham:

Our work here is done.

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