Lena Dunham Hits Back at the Haters with a Selfie in a Latex Bodysuit and Crystal Crown

Lena Dunham isn't here for the haters.

The Girls creator proved that she's too busy feeling herself to take note of any body shamers with an epic Instagram photo of her clad in a skintight latex bodysuit, the most fabulous crystal crown, and nothing else.

"It's only important to me that people know as they're busy tweeting bullshit about me I'm most often dressed in a latex suit and crystal crown working from home on imagining new worlds," the 31-year-old sassily captioned the empowering shot, where she showed off her curves and a large rose tattoo on her thigh in a full-length mirror.

Aside from giving us just one more reason to love the actress, Dunham has a lot to celebrate at the moment, as she just revealed that she will be joining American Horror Story for its seventh season.

Looks like this star is preoccupied with slaying the game to pay any attention to the naysayers!

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