Lena Dunham Expresses Her Feelings About Justin Bieber with a Twinning Hair Photo

Justin Bieber and Lena Dunham - Lead
Photo: Getty Images (2)

If there's one fandom you don't want to mess with, it's the Beliebers. These Justin Bieber lovers are passionate, to say the least, so when someone tries to come at the Biebs, you better believe they're going to let their disdain be heard. And that's exactly what happened on Wednesday when none other than Lena Dunham took to Twitter to poke a not-so-hidden jab at the singer's new song, "What Do You Mean?"

"Let's do away with pop songs where a girl nods yes when she means no and vice versa, k?" Dunham tweeted. Although Bieber did not and has not responded to the Girls actress's message, his fans took note.

However, Dunham was quick to try to make amends, posting a photo of herself on Instagram the next morning next to an old photo of Bieber, with their hair looking practically identical. "How could anyone think I have an issue with Bieber?" she captioned the shot (below). Whether this is enough to quell the anger of the Beliebers is yet to be determined.

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