Lena Dunham Bids Goodbye to Girls on the Final Day of Filming

Girls Cast - Lead 2016
Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

It’s official: After six seasons, the collective “voice of our generation” has filmed its final words.

Lena Dunham’s revolutionary brainchild, HBO’s Girls, wrapped its final shoot ever on Thursday and the cast and crew were eager to share their sentiments on social media.

The actress kicked off the show's drawn-out farewell with a photo of herself and with the rest of the titular “Girls”—whom she refers to as her “sisters”—as they shared a laugh.

Extending the family metaphor, Dunham then posted a photo of “brother” and Girls executive producer Judd Apatow.

In the tell-all fashion Girls fans have come to expect from the series creator-star-writer-producer, Dunham went on to post a tearful goodbye in which she shared her deep personal ties to the show and the creative experience.

"I know I'm not alone in the Girls family when I say this is the end of the largest and most potent chapter of my life so far," Dunham wrote. “When we shot our pilot six years ago, I never dreamed that I could be so fulfilled by the process of art-making, of collaboration, of honest expression. And so through this show I developed an identity, gained a new kind of family and began my life in earnest. It's an embarrassment of riches.”

Dunham then took several additional paragraphs to thank her fans, cast, and crew.

The Girls creator marked her final late-night post with a selfie of her and cast mate Allison Williams, whose character wrapped her series's arc the day prior.

“Last pic of the night @aw stayed until the bitter end like the queen she is. This is what 45 minutes of sobbing followed by me forcing a selfie on Allison looks like. #cryingselfie #crelfie #girlswillbegirls," she wrote. "Goodnight. I love you all. I love the smell of the fall air. I love the rustling leaves, the city lights coming into view as I ride home and I really fucking love absolutely everyone I hugged tonight.”

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Crying yet? The final season of Girls kicks off in early 2017.

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