Here's What Lena Dunham Looks Like as a Bridesmaid IRL

Lena Dunham at EFA Event - Lead 2016
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The penultimate season of Girls proved that we shouldn’t expect Hannah Horvath to say “I do” anytime soon, but IRL, Lena Dunham is getting closer to walking down the aisle—as a bridesmaid, that is. Over the weekend, the actress and self-proclaimed feminist wasn’t shy about sharing the wedding of longtime friend Audrey Gelman to the world.

The festivities seemed to have kicked off on Saturday with Dunham and Gelman’s inner circle donning their best pre-wedding, cool kid attire for what we presume to have been a rehearsal dinner.

Sure, the bride stunned in a getup that consisted of a one-shoulder knotted top and a billowy orange skirt; however, it’s what went down Sunday that we’re trolling Instagram to vicariously enjoy. So how did the spring affair turn out? Dunham and Gelman’s eight other bridesmaids started their day with a boost of energy, dancing in their matching robes and sipping on Red Bull. And while an early start is key, the real fun is found on the dresses of the supportive ladies.

As Dunham explains in one of her detailed grams, the women each personalized their J.Crew skirts with flowers, sequins, cute, colorful graphics, and their monograms. “What happens when @jcrew goddess Jenna Lyons lets a bunch of crazy bitches customize their skirts… here we go #gomezandmorticia,” wrote the beauty alongside a fun shot of the crew and bride-to-be stationed outside a bright yellow bus.

Later on, Dunham jokingly called her friend “the human waterfall” and caught up with her college roommate, Willie, at the reception.

Sounds just like any old episode of Girls, minus the drama.

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