Lena Dunham Got Bangs While You Were Still Sleeping

Lena Dunham - LEAD
Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty

Girls may be over but Lena Dunham hasn’t completely said goodbye to Hannah Horvath. In the second season’s finale of Dunham’s hit HBO show, her character famously have herself a late-night Carey Mulligan-inspired bowl cut. While Dunham’s spontaneous early morning haircut reminds us of something Hannah would do, the results of this hair change are anything but tragic.

The actress and writer showed off a set of wispy bangs with a selfie on Instagram this morning she captioned, “Got bangs BEFORE 7am. That’s got to be illegal, right?” Although Dunham has rocked bangs before, if you’re new to fringe, thinner piecey bangs like hers will serve as a good crash course on wearing the high-maintenance style.

The only thing criminal about Dunham’s hair is just how good her new bangs are. Check out Dunham’s new fringe above, and see more of this year’s celeb hair transformations in our gallery.

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