Bonus murder and mystery.

Elaborate costumes. Big, big bling. Intrigue and mystery. It's like no time has passed at all in the world of Gossip Girl. Upper East Siders or not, fans were definitely feeling a bit of throwback love when two of the show's stars met up for a murder mystery party. People reports that Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf, and Michelle Trachtenberg, aka Georgina Sparks, attended the same theme party, making for an unexpected reunion that would make Gossip Girl proud.

"Spotted. Ms. Waldorf and Ms. Sparks. In the ballroom. With secrets. I'll never tell. Xoxo," Trachtenberg wrote alongside a photo of the pair, giving followers exactly what they wanted. Clearly, both of them were into the theme (perhaps a carryover from all of the over-the-top party scenes on the show). Trachtenberg wore a peacock-feather hat and Meester opted for a more subtle beaded headpiece.

Trachtenberg's Instagram Story revealed a few more details. The party was in honor of a mutual friend's bachelorette party. Both Meester and Trachtenberg got pretty into it, with Trachtenberg pulling Clue references into her social media and Meester playing along. The stories also gave fans a peek into more outfit details, including elaborate gloves and appropriately blingy accessories. No news on who ended up being the killer, but fans of the show have to admit that between both of their characters' backstabbing and conniving ways, it could have been either one. Or, it could have been both of them. Or, nobody could have died at all. Or, the dead person could come back to life via a phony death, à la Bart Bass, making for a very GG night.

Michelle Trachtenberg IG Story
Credit: Instagram/michelletrachtenberg

Trachtenberg seems to be a magnet for ex-costars. Just a few weeks ago, she posted a snapshot with fellow Gossip Girl alum Chace Crawford at a pre-Oscar party. Just like on the show, it seems like this crew manages to find each other at glam events, just like old times.