By Lara Walsh
Feb 23, 2017 @ 9:15 am

While Leighton Meester's envy-inducing Blair Waldorf wardrobe might have been the stuff of dreams, the actress doesn't look back fondly on all of her past looks.

On Wednesday, the Gossip Girl alum made an appearance on Late Night and host Seth Meyers asked her to pick any era in time that the mother of one would want to go back and visit—and past beauty mishaps appeared to be front and center on her mind.

The singer, who wore a black blazer-style coat embellished with silver studs for her close-up, deadpanned, "Anytime in my life that I could just change my eyebrows."

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The surprised late-night emcee clarified: "So you would go back to your own high school?" and then started teasing the actress about missed historical opportunities, including "killing Hitler."

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Speaking of history, the 30-year-old also opened up about her childhood aspirations to become a 34-year-old realtor and the name she wanted all her life (preferably Debra). She admitted, "I always wanted to wear a pink suit and have red curly hair," to which Meyers reassured her that she still had a few years left to make those aspirations come true.

Watch the full interview above to see Meester talk about her new show, Making History, which premieres on Fox on March 5.