Champagne Skincare
Credit: Courtesy

As you continue to clean up from that killer New Year's party you threw over the weekend, only one obvious question remains—what are you supposed to do with all the half-filled bottles of champagne your guests left behind? Because a bottle of Veuve is a terrible thing to waste, consider incorporating your drink of choice (or anyway, the remainder of it) into your skin care routine. Just like wine, champagne contains resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that can act as a shield against damage and provides serious anti-aging benefits. "Champagne can be used as a toner to help promote clear skin," explains dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo. "The polyphenols found in champagne help reduce inflammation and skin redness, while the tartaric acid evens out tone."

Those with oily or acne-prone complexions in particular will see the most results, as the high concentration of antioxidants help to soak up excess oil and sebum clogging the pores. To DIY your own toner, put the remnants of your bottle in the fridge so that the liquid is slightly chilled, then soak a cotton ball in the formula, just as you would with your traditional toner. After cleansing your skin, sweep the cotton pad over the entirety of your face, and follow with a generous amount of moisturizer. But don't feel the need to use the entire bottle if there's quite a bit left—alcohol can be drying on the skin, so try out this method just once or twice before tossing out the rest.