Learn About Nashville's Stage Looks During Season 2, Episode 8 From Susie DeSanto

Connie Britton, Nashville and Susie DeSanto
Photo: ABC/Mark Levine, Getty

Nashville went on the road in last night’s episode as our favorite country stars hit the highway and the stage. Of course, the episode was not without its drama as Scarlett (Clare Bowen) took the stage for the first time on her first stadium tour and experienced a major case of stage fright—wouldn’t we all? But not to worry as Rayna (Connie Britton) was there to swoop in and help her through it, even taking the stage again with Luke (Will Chase) to show off a new song written by Gunnar (Sam Palladio). Both ladies looked their best thanks to costume designer Susie DeSanto. “Connie’s performance look—that’s just a classic Rayna James super star look—I loved that performance!” DeSanto told InStyle.com. “I liked that moment where the young songwriters write the song then the superstars sing it and make it a hit. I think last night was all about showing the difference between what’s an opening act and budding young artist, and the superstar closing the show.” Click through the gallery for more exclusive details on last night’s looks and remember to tune into Nashville when it returns on December 4 at 10/9c on ABC.

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—Nicola Jones

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