Lea Michele
Credit: Getty Images (3); Celebrity Photo

“You should never wear black.” That’s what Glee creator Ryan Murphy told his star Lea Michele. She didn’t listen, though! “One of my most memorable dresses was the Oscar de la Renta dress I wore for my first Golden Globes,” the actress told at the Variety Power of Women luncheon last week. “Ryan Murphy had told me, ‘Don’t wear black. You should never wear black.’ So my stylist pulled floral, beautiful colors,” she explained. “As I’m walking to the bathroom to try them on, I see the Oscar dress hanging up in her closet. I said ‘I’m wearing that.’ And I called Ryan, and said ‘Ryan, I’m wearing black!’” Michele hasn’t shied away from the color ever since, proof that you have to trust your own style instincts. Click through to see more Lea Michele looks—in all shades of black.

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Sharon Clott, reporting by Scott Huver