Lea Michele Snaps Scream Queens Season 2 Tease with Taylor Lautner

Lea Michele and Taylor Lautner - Lead
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Season two of Scream Queens doesn't premiere until Sept. 20, but cast members are already upping the anticipation by sharing sneak previews from the hot horror-comedy series.

Glee alum Lea Michele, who plays Hester Ulrich on the Fox show, took her fans behind-the-scenes with a series of snapchat videos including a shot of Hollywood hunk Taylor Lautner, who will be playing the role of Dr. Cassidy Cascade.

The 24-year-old, who cemented his status as a heartthrob as Jacob Black in cult favorite Twilight, looked handsome in a doctor's coat as he told the 29-year-old he was having the "best time ever."

Lea Michele and Taylor Lautner - Embed
Lea Michele/SnapChat

Not to be outdone, Michele's fellow Chanel, Emma Roberts, took to Instagram to share a preview of the girl group's outfits, and they're too good.

"#5 where you at?" the 25-year-old blonde captioned the selfie, which shows her and Billie Lourd (dressed in her signature earmuffs) posing for the camera in pink ensembles.

The new season premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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