Lea Michele - Lead
Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Going “lighter for spring” is a hair color trend that will stand the test of time, but it’s also tough to ace when you’re a brunette who wants to stay a true brunette. Thankfully, now there’s an easy solution, and it involves fully copying Lea Michele’s latest hair transformation.

The actress teamed up with celebrity hair colorist Nikki Lee for her “Sunlight Brunette” hair color, which was created specifically for her wedding day on March 9, and consists of a chocolate brunette base with golden blonde highlights.

But on her tropical beach honeymoon, her highlights got a little lighter, courtesy of all that time spend out in the sun. So, post-trip, she headed back into Lee's salon for an update.

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"I just glossed her hair to that beautiful sunlight color (we wanted to make sure it didn’t get brassy)," says Lee. "It’s the perfect color for spring and summer. It’s part from the salon and part natural from enjoying her honeymoon in paradise."

While she was there, Lea Michele also decided to give her length the post-wedding, spring update. Nikki Lee chopped a few inches off of the actress' hair, leaving her with long subtle layers that draw attention to the dimension of her hair color.

So not only is Lea Michele's new look the perfect spring hair color for a brunette, but it's also solid inspo for anyone who's not quite ready to join team bob or lob.