Lea Michele Video
Credit: David Becker/Getty Images

Scream Queens star Lea Michele opened up her L.A. home to InStyle readers as the cover subject of our latest Home & Design issue, and it’s easy to see why the star’s photogenic home was the perfect backdrop for this special release. The 30-year-old actress, who describes her space as simple, cozy, and chic, sat down with us in her home on Saturday for a live broadcast on our Facebook page, where she dished on everything from her design aesthetic, (yes, she’s got a Barbra Streisand shrine in her house!) to appearing on Scream Queens and getting to work with some of her best friends on set.

A couple of Michele’s pals (stylist Brad Goreski and actress Becca Tobin) also popped in to help the Glee alum answer fans’ burning questions about her favorite recipe, her go-to playlist to get hyped for a night out, and even some exclusive intel on her pending album.

Check out six things we learned from the star below—and hit play to watch her full video interview.

1. Her home décor is minimal.
I’m pretty minimal with decorations, and I just wanted it to be like clean and cozy, definitely a little bit of an edge, coming from New York. I don’t like too much stuff around the house—I like to keep things pretty clean and simple. So that’s what I did with this house, and I love it and I’m so happy here.

2. Whenever she’s not in the mood for her early morning workout, she gets motivated by thinking big picture.
It’s so hard sometimes to motivate yourself to get up in the morning. I get it, I want to just watch TV, relax, drink coffee in bed. But you feel so good after a workout, so I try to just think about how good I know that I’ll feel when it’s done, and that’s what helps me to get up in the morning. And I really kind of like working out. If you find a kind of workout that you love doing, then it makes it easier in the morning to get up and do it.

3. Her stylist and friend Brad Goreski basically lives at her house.
Brad just lives here, you guys. I love you, B!

4. Her favorite thing about playing Hester on Scream Queens? That girl is cray!
Well, she’s crazy—that’s number one. I love being on Scream Queens, I love playing Hester, she’s such a fun character to play. I love working with some of my best friends like Emma Roberts, she’s so incredibly talented and getting to go to work every single day and hanging out with her, it’s been so much fun. And I love Hester. She’s crazy, she’s literally insane, and that’s super fun to play. Last year I got to wear a neck brace, this year I’m in a psych ward, and so there’s always something different and interesting as an actor to get to play with, which is really awesome.

5. She’d love to write a cookbook.
I would love to write a cookbook! I’ve been wanting to for a really long time. You know, I just would want to really make sure that it would be perfect, and I’m always like perfecting my recipes. And I think just because I cook a lot of different things ... I would have to focus on what exactly I would want the cookbook to be. But, never say never. Maybe in the future.

6. She’s got an album coming out early 2017.
So yeah, the album is coming out early 2017. I have to wrap up Scream Queens, we’re going to be done in mid-December, and then I’ll be able to release the album at the beginning of the year, hopefully in 2017. I’m so excited about this record. I really learned a lot with my first album. And I think that with this one, I feel like it really just is a great description of where I’m at in my life right now and it also just really feels like the kind of music that I feel like I’ve always wanted to make. It does have pop elements to it, but I think that it really feels a lot more like the type of music that I grew up listening to, like Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand.

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