By Jonathan Borge
Updated Mar 19, 2018 @ 5:45 pm
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Wouldn’t you rather kick off your Monday somewhere warm and tropical instead of at your office desk? That's exactly what Lea Michele did, and what she’s been up to for the past several days.

The former Glee and current star of The Mayor officially set her “out of office” message two days ago, when she shared a beach-side photo of herself grazing in the sun with a cute hat that says “beach hair don’t care.” No, she’s not on a fun getaway with girlfriends, but rather catching quality time with her mom.

And while her ‘grams contain everything to make us super envious—more on that below—it’s this winning bathing suit that mainly caught our eye. Michele was photographed drying off by the shores of Wailea, Hawaii on Sunday in a black Solid & Striped one-piece bathing suit ($158; that doesn’t break the bank and is flattering. Dubbed “The Chelsea,” you can quickly get her look now.

Lea Michele Swimsuit
Credit: Chaos / Stewy / BACKGRID

In addition to the classic one-piece, she turned to a burgundy and patterned bikini plus a neon yellow bottom with a black top under an embroidered sheer cover-up. But how can you make your next vacation look as luxurious as hers? Here are a few tips we picked up from Michele’s Instagram conduct.

Make It Clear Your Vacation Has Started

Your friends will want to follow along if you make it clear it’s time to relax.

Tell Everyone You’re Having Fun

“Let the sun shine!” she wrote here, sipping a drink and just chillin’. Shop a similar printed top and matching bottom here.

Let Them Know Where You Are

Instead of exclusively sharing photos of, well, yourself, offer up some images of the scenery.

Don’t Forget a Comfortable Cover-Up Maxi

Share Photos of All the Drinks

Especially when you’re having them with your mom.

And Lastly, Give Them Something to Talk About

Chillin’ on a hammock on Monday? People will double-tap.

If only every Monday could be spent at the beach.