29 Times Lea Michele's Instagram Inspired Us to Live a Healthier Life

Lea Michelle Fitspo Lead
Photo: leamichelle/instagram

Whenever we need a little extra dose of motivation to hit the gym and eat healthy, we look no further than our Instagram feeds. There's no shortage of celebs that are all about sharing 'grams of their workouts and clean meals, and Lea Michele never disappoints.

The Scream Queens star isn't shy about letting her fans in on her fitness journey, whether she's working out, eating healthfully, or trying out a new activity (hello, surfing!). Michele is all about living a balanced, healthy life, and even gets her followers involved, using hashtags and social media campaigns tied to her book, You First. Just one scroll through her Instagram feed will leave you wanting to get off the couch and head for a hike (or spin class, or Pilates session).

Below, we've rounded up her 29 most inspiring Instagrams. Keep reading to see them all.

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