By Olivia Bahou
Mar 16, 2017 @ 10:30 am

If you’re not familiar with Lea Michele’s “bed series,” prepare for a brief education. The Glee alum insists that it started out “very simple,” with a few photos of her posing in bed on lazy weekend mornings.

“Mario Testino has the towel series, so he has celebrities take pictures in towels, and so I did my sort of lamer version, the ‘bed series.’ I’m traveling all the time and being in different beds,” she said on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It started sort of simple and then it became more and more naked and more and more calls to my dad having to explain to him what he might see.”

DeGeneres decided she needed to get in on the series and brought out a bed for the two to pose on. And the resulting pictures? Seriously adorable.

Michele also talked about her new album, Places, which is due out April 28. “This album for me was kind of coming back to my roots. I loved my first record but it was obviously during a very busy and intense time in my life for me. And this time, now I’m in a different place in my life. I’m also not on a show where I’m singing all the time as well, so I can just really focus on this album. I’m going to be touring, which I couldn’t do before either, so it’s very exciting,” she said.

“I’m in a very positive place in my life, but of course, love has its ups and downs. There are a few of those break-up songs on the album as well,” she said. “For me, my music is my time to be honest—so be careful dating a singer or you might get Taylor Swift-ed.”

When DeGeneres asked if she would be able to figure out the song’s subject, Michele had the perfect response. “Doesn’t matter if you guys can figure it out as long as the person listening to it knows who it is and what they did.”

Taylor Swift would be proud.