It's Back to Bangs for Lea Michele!

Lea Michele lead
Photo: Getty Images

She's ba-aaack! After letting her fringe grow into her long layers, Lea Michele is revisiting her trademark look. Just before the FOX Upfronts in New York City, the star's hairstylist Sarah Potempa decided to add some impromptou bangs, which hit just below the brow. "To give her face a strong structure, I cut them just above her eyelashes and swept them long on each side," Potempa tells InStyle.

Those of us who know fringe benefits well can attest to the fact that they're usually the first area to go wavy in peak humidity—so if you're considering making a similar change, Potempa offers her sage advice for locking in a sleek texture. "Always blow-dry your bangs first by pointing the dryer from the top, and using your fingers to lay them down straight," she says. "Then, iron them out with a mini touch-up iron." We love Potempa's own version ($35;, as well as the cordless CHI Escape ($110; for on-the-go styling.

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