Lea Michele Stars in Empowering #ActuallySheCan Campaign

Lea Michele #ActuallySheCan Campaign - Lead
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Lea Michele wants to inspire you to achieve your goals. The star was named the face of the new #ActuallySheCan campaign, which aims to empower young women to succeed in all areas of life—professional, personal, health, and wellness. In her ads for the movement, the actress encourages all ladies to express their ambitions and truths with slogans like "be your own boss," "you shine, I shine" and "successful—and not sorry for it." And she hopes that all of us will get on board.

Lea Michele #ActuallySheCan Campaign - Embed 1

"I attribute my personal and professional successes to not only my self-reliance and determination, but to the inspiration, education and support I received from others who helped me stay true to myself and my goals," Michele said about her involvement. "I am sharing my #ActuallySheCan story so I can help motivate and encourage all women to share their individual journeys and goals, so we can collectively help each other reach milestones. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a woman leave her mark."

Lea Michele #ActuallySheCan Campaign - Embed 2

Ready to join the movement? Participate via social media by following @ActuallySheCan on Twitter and Instagram, and share your own photos using the hashtag #ActuallySheCan.

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