By Meghan Overdeep
Feb 14, 2017 @ 10:30 am

Dreams come true! Laverne Cox finally met Beyoncé at the Grammys on Sunday, and the best part? She totally held it together.

Cox sat down with Stephen Colbert on Monday to talk about her new CBS show Doubt, but Colbert couldn't resist asking about the prior night. Displaying a photo of the two of them that Cox shared on Instagram, Colbert asked the Orange Is the New Black  star how she was holding up in the wake of meeting her idol.

"Stephen, I met the queen," Cox gushed. "I met the queen!"

Cox's love for Queen Bey is well documented. After Cox performed a Destiny's Child song on Lip Sync Battle, Beyoncé sent her flowers and a sweet hand-written note. Starstruck, she took to Instagram with photos of her reaction, the flowers, and the note, featuring Bey's flawless handwriting.

Cox revealed to Colbert that as she was preparing for the Grammys she actually began to cry just thinking about meeting Beyoncé. But actually meeting her was a totally different experience. "You know, the interesting thing about when you meet the queen, a calm comes over you," she tells Colbert.

Not only that, but when she approached her, Cox said Beyoncé's face lit up and she asked someone to help her get up out of her chair (she's pregnant with twins, remember!) so they could meet properly. "Beyoncé got up! She got up for me!" Cox cried, recalling the moment.

She went on: "Long story short, Beyoncé was incredible. She was so sweet and I was very calm I got back to my seat and I cried but I did not cry in front of her."

We love it. Watch Cox's entire interview with Colbert above.