Lauren Graham - Vampirina
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

Parenthood and Gilmore Girls fans, we have good news! Beloved TV mom Lauren Graham is returning to the small screen.

However, as promised, there’s a slight twist: Graham’s newest TV offspring isn’t human, and neither is she. Graham and fellow WB alum James Van Der Beek are joining forces to play periwinkle-hued, fang-bearing parents in upcoming animated Disney Junior series, Vampirina.

Vampirina—or Vee—is a vampire girl who struggles after she and her parents, Boris and Oxana Hauntley (Van Der Beek and Graham, respectively), move from their native Transylvania to Pennsylvania.

Did we mention that it’s a musical?? Yep, in addition to the original songs the cast is expected to sing in each episode, Graham and Van Der Beek will be performing the theme song. Maybe we’ll get Graham to reprise Lorelai Gilmore’s epic rendition of "I Will Always Love You"…?

FAN THEORY ALERT: Graham and Van Der Beek's Vampirina characters reportedly run a bed and breakfast; Lorelai Gilmore ran an inn. Is Vampirina an alternative Gilmore Girls universe in which Lorelai and Christopher raised Rory together (as vampires)?!? It's a thinker, for sure.

Anyway, here’s Disney’s Hauntley fam:

Vampirina - Actors - Embed
Credit: Disney Enterprises

And, more importantly, the Hauntleys after hair and makeup:

Vampirina - Characters - Embed
Credit: Disney Enterprises

Vampirina will premiere on Disney Junior this fall.