Lauren Conrad Tells Us How to Chill Out on Your Wedding Day

Style Diary - Lauren Conrad

Ah, wedding season. When it's time to plan your own bash, don't let the pressure to perform turn you into a checklist-wielding, order-barking bride. Paper Crown Bridesmaids designer Lauren Conrad spills her secrets for staying chill as the big day approaches—no Xanax required.

What's the best thing you can do for your bridesmaids?
Everybody has a different style and a different body type, so there's no way all the girls will feel comfortable wearing the same thing. Choose one color and material, and let them pick their own styles so that everyone feels their most beautiful on your big day.

Is there something you wish you had known about wedding planning before you got engaged?
You can't control everything, and you definitely can't control the best man's toast. There are always some hiccups during those speeches, and they tend to go on for a little too long. At my wedding, two of our groomsmen did a speech that lasted 27 minutes. I loved it, but I know people seated in the back were motioning for them to wrap it up.

Any tips for adding personal touches to your décor?
Do not attempt to DIY anything that will require work on the day of. Instead, opt for something simple that you can do in advance. I collected an eclectic mix of glass vases and candlesticks from eBay and flea markets to display on the tables at my reception. I had fun doing it—and never had to pick up a glue gun.

A no-fail gift for your bridesmaids?
Put together a little box of personal pieces your friends will love. I gave my bridesmaids delicate Dana Rebecca necklaces, printed robes, matching jumpers, and vintage hankies embroidered with the first letter of each of their names.

What goes into crafting a solid wedding hashtag?
Don't just combine your names. There's bound to be some other couple out there that shares your last names. Instead, choose something a bit more quirky so that you can keep your hashtag your own, like combining your nicknames or inserting an inside joke.

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