Fact: There are few celebs that have been our hair crushes for long as Lauren Conrad. Her long, ice-y blonde, beachy waves are a walking Pinterest hair inspiration board.

But, just like many of us, Conrad gets the urge to make a big hair change after a major life event. While you may have got bangs to mark the end of a long-term relationship, after giving birth to her first child, the celeb chopped off all her hair earlier this fall.

While Conrad teased the cut that longtime stylist Kristin Ess was giving her on Instagram, she didn't reveal the final look. What we do know, is that her son Liam inspired the dramatic chop. "I just cut it off. Honestly, it's more of a time-saver," the star told People. "I have to blow-dry my hair while my son is napping, and it doesn't always last long, so less hair is less time. I don't have time for a lot of hair."

Eventually, Ess snapped a shot of the long bob she gave Conrad:

Now a month later, Conrad has gone even shorter taking her length up into a chin-grazing bob:

VIDEO: Beauty Talk with Lauren Conrad

"I cut it yesterday," Conrad told InStyle this morning at the opening of Kellogg's new Union Square cafe in New York City. "It started to grow out to that in-between length, and honestly, I was just like, 'It’s hard to get in to see Kristin [Ess] very often,' so I was like, 'Cut it real short so I have more time.' It was more of a time-saver. I don’t have time to do my hair every day."

While this isn't the first time Conrad has had a bob, whether or not she'll stick with the shorter length this time around is still unwritten.