Lauren Conrad Shares Her Pro Secrets On Maintaining Your Perfect Shade of Blonde

Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Between her role as all-around hair and makeup pro for and the years she has spent working her gorgeous strands on TV and for her clothing campaigns, Lauren Conrad certainly knows a thing or two about keeping your hue salon-perfect. We've never seen the star's golden highlights look anything short of pristine, and with many of us preparing to battle brass-inducing elements and the dreaded chlorine green effect this summer, we needed her expertise now more than ever. Her tip? Go easy on the heat styling, and keep sun exposure to a minimum. "Not over-styling your hair is important because that can cause your blonde to fade, and don't let it get too much sun," she tells us. "You can use the sun to lighten your hair, but if you're at the level of blonde you want to be at, the sun could cause the top of your head to get bleached out, and you want the different tones in there to give your highlights dimension." If you're heading to the beach or will be exposed to sunlight for a while, take preventative care to keep your color intact by bringing a hat, or investing in products formulated to filter out UV rays. Conrad, who is the spokesperson for John Frieda's Keep Up Your Blonde campaign, especially loves the brand's Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde shampoo and conditioner duo ($6 each; "They use technology that keeps water from penetrating your hair, which is one of the main things that causes your hair to fade or go brassy," she adds. Head over to to see even more tips and how-to videos from the star!

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