Lauren Conrad
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

So you want to start a blog, huh? If you're not quite sure what it takes to expand your audience from a party of one (hi, mom!) to thousands of loyal followers, take a cue from Lauren Conrad, whose lifestyle site features her fashion faves, beauty tutorials, yummy recipes, and home decor inspo. We caught up with Conrad and asked her to dish on her insider tips. Here's what she had to say.

Find Your Niche
"The most successful blogs are the ones that are unique. Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to start blogs and the ones that people tend to gravitate towards are the ones that are doing something different. Be inventive and come up with a clear idea to guide your blog--one that you don't see other people already doing."

Know What's Trending
"Keep tabs of which posts get the most comments and reaction from your readers, then write about variations of those topics. For me, it's usually hair posts that do really well. So we'll do stories about how to make your hair grow faster or how to do a hair detox."

Build Your Social Media Following
"Make sure that all of your social media channels tie back to the theme of your blog. You have to promote your content on every platform, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The more opportunities that people have to see snippets of your work, the more likely they are to head to your blog to read the rest of your content. When in doubt, just post a picture of a puppy. A really cute puppy is always a hit."