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Meredith Lepore
Feb 27, 2015 @ 6:11 pm

Sometimes it feels like Lauren Conrad’s life is a fairytale, given her recent storybook wedding to William Tell and her charmed stint on MTV that kicked off her career. Plus, her overall composure and poise are quite princess-like, though she is clearly a hard-working girl with her many fashion design ventures (Paper Crown, The Little Market, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's) and running her site

But just because she isn't really a princess doesn't mean she can't help you dress like one. Conrad's latest collection for Kohl's is a collaboration with Disney, inspired by the beloved 1950 animated telling of Cinderella. Conrad teamed up with Disney to design whimsical, romantic and all-around pretty tops, skirts, dresses and shoes, "which I love,” the designer says. The 24-piece line, which became available Feb. 22 in Kohl's stores and online, is just in time for the release of the new live-action Cinderella movie (in theaters March 13).

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A life-long Disney fan, Conrad says this project was an absolute dream come true—despite getting all of the songs from the movie stuck in her head for a while! In fact, she looked liked she was plucked right out of the pages of a fairytale at the line's launch event at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Wearing a white dress and blue tulle skirt, both from the collection, Conrad mused on why we continue, no matter what age we are, to want to be princesses. "We definitely idealize the idea of being a princess, but I think the idea is that you get to have lovely things and go to lovely places," she says, adding that the coolest thing about being a princess is definitely the clothes at your disposal. (See: Kate Middleton.)

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The Cinderella line actually marks the beginning of several Disney-themed collections Conrad will be producing for Kohl's. And though she couldn't give us too many details on the next one (you can look for it in May), she did tell us about the design process for this current collection. "We really just took inspiration from the film, the animated version," she says. "It was kind of nice because we weren't dreaming up something. We had a starting point. I really wanted this to feel like a marriage between the movie and our line, so it was great to have that jumping-off point. We pulled screen grabs, we figured out what our favorite scenes were, what the iconic moments from the movie were, because we wanted to reflect that in the collection. It was just a lot of fun, to be honest."

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One thing that's not fun for Conrad, especially if she were a princess? Running in heels. She's had to do it before ("I was an intern, so yes!") but now she avoids it at all costs. "I had to work hard in heels," she says. "I try not to do it anymore, mostly because I'm clumsy."

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