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Between designing her two clothing lines, penning multiple books, and running, Lauren Conrad somehow managed to launch The Little Market with her best friend, Hannah Skvarla. The Little Market gives female artisans in developing countries the opportunity to sell their goods to a broader market. Below, Lauren and Hannah interview each other on The Little Market, their friendship, their travels, and their style.

Hannah: What's your favorite memory of our friendship?Lauren: My favorite memory is when we traveled to Bali together, which was one of our first big trips we went on years ago. I had never been anywhere like that before. It was the most amazing trip and so much fun. It was what made me want to travel more.

Hannah: How would you describe your style?Lauren: Classic, California girl, feminine.

Hannah: Where's the coolest place we have traveled together?Lauren: My favorite trip of ours is probably Africa. That’s when we were visiting different groups looking for a cause to work with, and ended up coming up with the idea for The Little Market.

Hannah: What's the coolest product we've discovered together on our travels for the Little Market?Lauren: The luggage that we found in India is still hands down my favorite product in the shop. It was such a happy accident. It was suggested by a friend, we loved the product, and then found out it was made by artisans so it was perfect for our shop.

Hannah: What do you like about traveling with me?Lauren: You are such an easygoing person, and very easy to travel with. For example in India one of your bags was lost for half of our trip, and you never even batted an eye. A lot of people would let something like that ruin their trip. Also, because we’re such close friends, we have fun no matter where we are. It’s easy to laugh at things instead of getting upset.

Hannah: What's the one thing you have to bring when you travel?Lauren: Pepto-Bismol and antibiotics! I get sick on every trip.

Hannah: How have the Little Market artisans inspired you in your life?Lauren: Meeting the artisans we work with brings perspective to my life. It makes me appreciate the little things that it’s so easy to take for granted every day. It also makes me have respect and tremendous pride for women all over the world who do what needs to be done to take care of their families.

Lauren: What's one thing about me that not a lot of people know?Hannah: You have an incredible sense of humor! You are one of the silliest, funniest, wittiest people I know.

Lauren: What's the coolest thing about working with your best friend?Hannah: Working with you doesn’t feel like work! We always have a good time when we are working on designs for new products, traveling to meet our artisan partners, and working on photo shoots of the beautiful handmade goods.

Lauren: What do you like about traveling with me?Hannah: You are the best travel partner! No matter where in the world we are or wherever we’re going, you are easygoing, low-maintenance, and can make the best out of any situation. I love your sense of adventure, and that you’re able to find the beauty and humor in everything.

Lauren: What's your favorite memory of our friendship?Hannah: This is hard! We always have a great time when we are traveling. Our trip to Palm Springs with our mutual friend Jilly was one of my favorites.

Lauren: What do you think are my three wardrobe staples, pieces you most often see me in?Hannah: When we work, go to the farmers market, or a flea market you are usually wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and Jack Purcell sneakers.

Lauren: How has your experience with Human Right Watch helped you with The Little Market?Hannah: So much! My time at Human Rights Watch taught me the importance of raising awareness for and defending human rights around the world. It also showed me how an international network can empower individuals in remote areas of the globe. Through The Little Market, we are trying to make change by connecting artisans with a larger global community to create sustainable employment opportunities. I always try to keep in mind that many of the artisans we work with are living in areas that have serious human rights violations taking place every day. It certainly helps keep what we do in perspective!

Lauren: How many holes have you gone to the bathroom in on our travels?Hannah: Too many to count! We can’t always find a Western toilet on our trips, so I often have to use a local toilet.

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