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Lauren Conrad
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I firmly believe in the notion of date night. No matter how busy we get, William and I always make a point to schedule in at least one per week. It’s important to have that time as a couple to connect, relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

Now, date night doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be as simple as grabbing frozen yogurt together or taking a stroll as the sun sets. And during summer when the weather is warmer and the nights are longer, the options for date night are endless. From hitting a beach boardwalk to enjoying a picnic in the park, there are so many fun date ideas to try out this sunny season.

So, to give you lovebirds a little inspiration, here are 10 summery ideas for your next date night:

Under the BoardwalkIf you live close to the beach, take your date to the nearest beach boardwalk for an afternoon or evening of rides, games, and good food. If you don’t have a boardwalk nearby, an amusement park would be a fun summer date spot too.

Eat InSometimes staying in for dinner can be even more fun than going out. Cook your significant other dinner using fresh summer ingredients like tomatoes, eggplant, and summer squash. Take advantage of the warm weather and serve your delicious dinner outside on a candlelit bistro table.

Picnic in the ParkPack up a picnic basket, grab a blanket and head to the park for an easy, relaxing and romantic date night. To make it a little more special, make some of your beau’s favorite finger foods, throw in some of my lavender lemonade, and bring a portable speaker set to your favorite Spotify station to set the mood.

Frozen YogurtOne of my favorite easy date ideas is grabbing froyo with my guy. Especially in the summer when the nights are warm, it’s fun to pick our favorite flavors, choose our own toppings, and sit outside and enjoy a frozen sweet treat.

Bike It OutThere’s something so sweet about the idea of renting a couple of bikes (or using your own if you happen to have them), and heading out for a leisurely bike ride around town. It’s a great way to unplug (no texting while biking!), see the sights and spend quality time with your love.

Take Me Out to the BallgameGet tickets to a local baseball game and take your beau for your next date night. There’s something about watching a ballgame on a hot summer night that feels very nostalgic. Extra points for catching a foul ball!

As the Sun SetsThere’s really nothing more romantic than watching the sun set. When I’ve had a long day or week, I love to go for a walk or hike with William and our pups during the magic hour. A bonus of this date idea is that it doesn’t cost anything, and it counts as a little added workout. Win-win!

Drive It InHeading to a drive-in movie on a warm summer night sounds just lovely, doesn’t it? You can even pack up a picnic basket with snacks and beverages, bring blankets that you can cuddle underneath in your car and enjoy a fun flick under the stars.

Food Truck FunThese days there are almost as many food trucks as there are restaurants. Take advantage of this, and spend your next date night hitting up the local food trucks. You can also find local street fairs filled with handmade items, art, and lots of food trucks. It’s nice to have a casual date like this every once in a while.

DaycationIf you and your man can block off a whole weekend day for a date, a daycation is a fun idea. Find a place not too far from where you live, look up some fun, touristy things to do there, make a dinner reservation and head on out! It’s always fun exploring a new place with your love, and if you don’t have enough time off to take a real vacation this is the perfect compromise.

Do you have any summer date night ideas to add to the list?



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