Laura Linney in Hyde Park on the Hudson: "There's Not An Ounce of Makeup On My Face"

Hyde Park on the Hudson
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It's time for a history lesson at the movies, as Hyde Park on the Hudson opens in theaters today! The movie tells the story of how one of the country's most well-known presidents, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (played by Bill Murray), met one of his closets confidants, his distant cousin/love interest Margaret "Daisy" Suckley (played by Laura Linney). And to play the part, Linney underwent a makeover to look made-under. "For me, there was no makeup allowed—none," the actress told at the Toronto International Film Festival. "There was no color on my face, nothing. My character calls herself sort of part of the furniture, so she's supposed to completely wash out, so I surrendered and I washed out. There’s really not an ounce of makeup on my face." The movie, set in the 1930s, also includes accurate and noteworthy period costumes curated by costume designer Dinah Collin. "The clothing was really meticulously put together," Linney said. "[Dinah] tried to find what she could in England because the whole movie was shot there, but then she went to L.A. and went through all of the rental houses and the back-lot houses of all the studios and she pulled all these authentic things. If they weren't original pieces of clothing, they were copied to match what they’d found." Click here to find out where the movie is playing near you.

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