And it looks amazing.

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Laura Harrier
Credit: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Trimming your own bangs in front of the bathroom mirror or enlisting a friend to take a bit off your ends is a guaranteed way to end up at the salon the next day. But if you're Laura Harrier, getting a haircut in a bathtub is the perfect way to get a trendy, wavy lob that totally shut down the last day of Paris Fashion Week.

Ahead of the Louis Vuitton fashion show, Harrier's go-to stylist, Jennifer Yepez cut the actress' hair into a collarbone-skimming long bob, one of the most popular haircuts of 2019, and she looked impeccable.

"As we all know, getting ready in a hotel room can be tricky because of the lighting, space, and mirrors. Thank goodness Laura has her trust in me, as we cut her hair in the bathroom!" Yepez tells InStyle via email. "I was standing in the tub and she was sitting on the ledge as I cut her hair! The end result was trop belle and gorgeous! We finished the new cut with some textured waves, and off she went to Louis Vuitton show."

Laura Harrier
Credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

While the act of cutting Harrier's hair in a tub may seem spontaneous to some, the actress and Yepez actually had the look planned out. "When Laura and I were in Milano during fashion week, we spoke about cutting her hair so she could get a fresh start with healthy hair," Yepez tells us. "So, we decided that when we were in Paris for the Louis Vuitton show, we would do the new look."

Laura Harrier
Credit: Jennifer Yepez

Yepez complemented Harrier's fresh, short length by styling her hair in loose, textured waves. She says she prepped the actress' hair by using Kerastase's Mousse Bouffante on the roots for extra volume, and Lait de Soie on the ends for heat protection. Then, Yepez went in with a flat iron to create S-shape waves, leaving the ends as is to get that lived-in finish. The stylist then added some texturizing hairspray to complete the look.

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Harrier's lob might be the best haircut to come out of a bathroom, but we don't recommend trying this at home. However, a photo of the actress' new short could serve as inspiration for your stylist the next time you get a cut.