Laura Dern's Son Had a Super Awkward Conversation with His Friends About Big Little Lies

"It's just…my mom is Renata Klein."

When your mom is literally Renata Klein, lunch with your new Big Little Lies-loving friends can get a little awkward.

Laura Dern's son, 18-year-old model Ellery Harper, recently had one such interaction. In a new interview with Town & Country, Dern said that her son went away on a summer camp program, and one day at lunch, his peers began talking about his mother's HBO hit show. Ellery, not knowing what to say, stayed silent, until one of the kids asked if he had seen it. His silence had made them think he hated the show.

"It’s not that. It’s just…my mom is Renata Klein," he replied.

Laura Dern & Ellery Harper
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

His peers thought he meant it metaphorically, and asked him, "Can you imagine?"

Dern, according to Town & Country, cracked up recalling the anecdote.

"I love that he didn’t say Laura Dern," she said. "He said his mom was Renata! I was like, 'That this happened to you around that character, of all characters.’ Poor thing.'"

Ellery, who Dern shares with ex-husband Ben Harper, made his runway debut in Calvin Klein's New York Fashion Week show last year, with his mom sitting front row.

She may not be Renata Klein, but we're betting Dern is just as dedicated of a mother — perhaps with a little less intensity.

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