Laura Dern Wants to be Asked Better Interview Questions

Actress Laura Dern has done plenty of press tours. As a key figure in shows like Twin Peaks and Big Little Lies, she has become a pro at speaking to reporters about her upcoming projects, which is why when she said press interviews don't always pan out the way she would like, it came as a surprise.

“I am always stunned by the amount of press I have done in my life with respected actors, and we sit there and wait for someone to ask something that we are passionate about, rather than something funny that happened on the set," she said at a Cannes Lions session panel over the weekend, according to Page Six.

While it's only natural that people might be interested in set dynamics, Dern said that it can feed into Hollywood narcissism.

“Narcissism only lasts for so long, and I’m thinking ‘Oh my god, how long can he talk about himself?" she said. "There should be a cause we can talk about."

In fact, Dern has a cause that she can speak to firsthand. After playing a character fighting lung cancer in the movie Wild—for which she was nominated for an Oscar—Dern said she became passionate about raising awareness for fighting the disease.

“I was happy to do that, for me it was an act of service, a beautiful teachable moment,” she said.

Let's hope for everyone's sake that more teachable moments stem from these kind of interviews in the future.

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