The Big Little Lies star will not not have people knowing the truth. 

Today in rumors you didn’t know needed to be shut down, Laura Dern and Bradley Cooper are not dating.

Back in July, not long after news broke that Cooper and longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk had split, the Star Is Born director and Big Little Lies actress were spotted grabbing lunch in N.Y.C. Since members of the opposite sex cannot platonically visit a restaurant together, this outing soon sparked romance rumors.

Bradley Cooper Laura Dern Dating
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But Dern will not have people thinking she’s more than just friends Cooper, and told Us Weekly as much over the weekend. “We’re amazing friends. We’re so lucky. And we’re family,” the two-time Oscar nominee shared with the outlet. “I mean, everybody’s always gonna comment about whatever seems intriguing, and he’s the greatest human, and one of my best friends in the world. So I don’t blame anyone for having deep curiosity about his life cause he’s spectacular," she continued.

Wow, maybe Dern should add PR expert to her long list of skills? That’s one glowing rumor rebuttal.