By Karen Levy
Updated Jun 30, 2014 @ 4:40 pm
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Actress Joy Bryant is bringing her love of the outdoors to the world of fashion. The Parenthood star, along with her husband, stuntman Dave Pope just launched Basic Terrain, a casual sportswear to performance outerwear line that enhances both form and function.

"This is definitely a labor of love," Bryant says to InStyle as she explains the story of how she and her husband started the line with a cheap sewing machine and a few yards of fabric on their dining room table. After months of learning the ropes and upgrading their equipment, Basic Terrain's first endeavor is the Eden Pant, a name the couple chose because of their love of the beautiful location of Eden, Utah (pictured on Bryant, above).

Inspired by a pair of cotton fisherman pants Bryant picked up while on an Oxfam trip in Cambodia, the collaborating couple starting working with denim and leather and the results were amazing. "There's not another pant out there where a woman who's a size 6 and one who is a size 12 could wear the same thing and look fabulous," says Bryant.

So what's next for Bryant and Pope? "My dream is to have a Basic Terrain head-to-toe snowboard outfit bombing down the mountain in Utah," says Bryant. "But for now, we get to do and create the things we want and either it succeeds or fails. Everyone starts somewhere."

Basic Terrain launches today, check it out at

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