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On the list of things that can ruin your blowout, April showers come in at No. 1. but also highly ranked is a too-tight ponytail holder, which can also cause a major headache.

Although an old-school scrunchie can provide a dent-free alternative, its staying power may not hold up during an intense SoulCycle session, and unless you're channeling a throwback '80s look, it isn't exactly the chicest option out there. Enter the Invisibobble, a revolutionary hair tie that just might be the answer, and is already big in Germany and the U.K. It may look funny, but the long lasting hold and crease-free finish it provides is no joke, and since a clear option is available, it can easily be concealed.

Traditional hair elastics place a uniform amount of pressure around your strands, which is why you often end up with a telltale crease when you take your hair down. By swapping the traditional circular shape for a looped, telephone cord-esque appearance, the Invisibobble creates an uneven amount of pressure so that no one area is being pressed down, leaving no marks behind.

The curled texture also helps to hold your layers back without feeling tight, since it gives each individual hair a little more space within a ponytail or bun. Pick up a set of three for $6 at now, and leave the days of flat-ironing over a hair crease or readjusting your updo mid-workout in the past.