People think they've figured out the plot for Last Christmas.


Upon first glance, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding's new Christmas rom-com seems fairly typical: girl meets boy in a chance encounter, girl keeps running into boy on the street, girl and boy finally get together (at some point). But Twitter users think they've uncovered a twist in Last Christmas.

After the trailer for the movie was released on Wednesday, viewers were convinced that Golding's character in the movie is a literal Christmas ghost — so much so that when you search his name on the site, this is what comes up:

There's a Conspiracy Theory Floating Around About Emilia Clarke's New Movie
Credit: Twitter

Essentially, people have theories that the dashing Golding actually plays the ghost of a dead man, based on the fact that (at least in the trailer) Clarke's character is the only person who interacts with him, he seems to be wearing the same outfit for most of the shots, and he seems to pop up out of nowhere and keeps disappearing, leaving her unable to find him or contact him in any other way aside from his surprise (meet-cute ripe) appearances.

And since the trailer hints at Clarke's character having health struggles and nearly dying, some people are also positing the theory that he's the ghost of her dead heart/organ donor.

Guess we'll have to wait until November to find out.