By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Aug 18, 2017 @ 10:15 am
Credit: Barry King/WireImage

We finally know the name of Lake Bell's 3-month-old son, and it's not one we ever would have guessed.

Bell joined Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night to talk about her newborn. The actress gave birth to her second child in June, and she revealed to Kimmel that she named him Ozgood, though she'll call him Ozzi for short.

Ozzi is certainly a unique name. But before you get ahead of yourself, don't think that Ozzi is named after Ozzy Osbourne.

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"No, but we can go with that," Bell joked. "I mean, he's great. It was one of those things where my husband [Scott Campbell] and I were so excited to have just one kid. We have a beautiful daughter, Nova. She's awesome—named after the Chevy, obviously. It's also celestial, but you know what I mean—more so the Chevy. We were so excited to travel the world. We were like, 'We're going to be modern. We don't have to have two kids.'"

What changed her mind? "We had sexual intercourse," she deadpanned.

We wish both Bell and little Ozzi the best.