Lady Gaga Shiseido
Credit: Instagram/ladygaga

Getting that perfect selfie is truly an art form---after you've sought out proper lighting and angled the camera just right, selecting the best photo and applying the most-flattering filter come next on the priority list. Clearly, Lady Gaga has mastered the technique, as her gorgeous makeup selfies are the basis of her beautiful new project!

For Shiseido's 2015 campaign, Mother Monster is acting as both the photographer and model with the ads featuring 50 of the self-taken beauty shots adorning her Instagram. To kick off the new year on a stylish note, the brand launched 46 of the photos on Jan. 1 in ads placed in Japanese newspapers, and released the remaining four images today.

As of right now, Shiseido doesn't have plans to roll out the campaign internationally, but Gaga's catalog of selfies proudly displayed on her Insta provide a sneak peek at the advertisements, while giving us inspiration in terms of avant-garde beauty looks and creative camera angles.