By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Aug 11, 2014 @ 2:29 pm

Mother Monster is back at it again! Two years after the launch of her very first perfume, Fame, Lady Gaga is set to debut her second fragrance.

Eau De Gaga, which we're assuming is a more personal take on the singer's scent preferences, will hit stores this fall, and incorporates notes of white violet, heady woods, leather, and a citrus twist. Gaga took to Twitter to break the news and debut the stunning ad campaign, and if the party she threw for Fame is any indicator, we're expecting the launch event for Eau De Gaga to be huge. The star celebrated her first fragrance by taking over New York City's famed Guggenheim Museum, and posted up inside of a three-story tall replica of the egg-shaped bottle while a five-minute film about the scent ran in tandem with a soundtrack featuring David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Lady Gaga certainly knows how to captivate a crowd, and we wouldn't have expected anything less!

No word yet on whether Eau De Gaga's juice will be taking on an inky noir hue like her previous spritzer—the opaque flacon leaves much to the imagination—but we imagine we'll be seeing (and smelling!) a lot more of the fragrance closer to the fall launch.

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