By Jonathan Borge
Updated Nov 01, 2017 @ 4:15 pm

Think Lady Gaga’s no longer interested in unforgettable couture-like outfits that make headlines and are sometimes made out of meat? Think again.

The 31-year-old pop star is the face of watch brand Tudor and its accompanying #BornToDare campaign and yes, she upped the fashion ante for the portfolio.

In a new promotional video, Gaga aggressively battles herself in a piano place face-off that shows her mastery of the art. We all know she can perform like no other, but these outfits cannot be ignored.

On one end, we see Gaga in a Victorian-like white gown with a matching platinum 'do and a badass attitude. On the other? A black leather bodysuit with oversize shoulder pads and an overall aesthetic that takes us back to her Fame Monster days.

In an accompanying below, she talks about the #BornToDare message behind the campaign. "I did not where I am today by being safe. I think that there has to be an element of danger and risk to putting yourself out there and being vulnerable whether it’s in business or art," she says.

A behind-the-scenes clip shows just how fierce she is on set.

Yes, Gaga still does turn heads when she hits red carpets or the stage, but in the past year, she’s taken a more pared-down, country-western approach to her style—hence why we’re so obsessed with these two looks.

Watch the full video above.