Lady Gaga Tops Google

Lady Gaga - Jean Paul Gaultier - Alex Noble - Keko Hainswheeler - Viktor & Rolf - Atsuko Kudo - House of Blue Eyes - Tour de Force - Video Music Awards
Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/Getty Images, Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Marisa Mayer of Google stopped by the Today show this morning to discuss this year's top-searched terms, and it is no surprise that the sensational Lady Gaga was right up there with swine flu, Twitter and the late Michael Jackson. Gaga has made headlines this year not just for her stream of hit singles, but also for her daring fashion choices. From button and bow hairstyles to pantless ensembles, Lady Gaga continually shocked us with her totally gaga get-ups! "People are always wondering what she looks like. She looks different all the time," Mayer said.

Joyann King

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