Lady Gaga's Been Keeping a Huge Secret From Us

Find out what she's been dying to share with her Little Monsters. 

Lady Gaga Stupid Love Palette 

When Lady Gaga has something in the works, you know it's going to be good.

In terms of her music, the star has given us hit after hit since the release of her debut album The Fame back in 2008 — and, of course, her forthcoming project Chromatica will be no exception.

The same can be said for Gaga's Haus Laboratories collection as well.

Since its initial launch in July 2019, the star's makeup line has offered some of the most stunning cosmetic products the industry has seen, whether it be precision eyeliners, lip crayons, or glosses.

But after nearly a year on the market, Gaga knows it's time to take things to the next level. That's why she's been keeping a major secret from her beloved Little Monsters for months — even though she already gave us a sneak peek on InStyle's May cover.

Lucky for us, she's finally ready to share what she's kept hidden from the world for months: Stupid Love, a vivid 18-shade eyeshadow palette, has finally arrived.

Stupid Love Palette

“Stupid Love is a reminder that love never fails and we all have the ability to free ourselves from fear," Gaga exclusively shares with InStyle. "With all of the colors in the Stupid Love palette, it is a reminder that all colors are important. What makes us all the same is that we are different, but there are endless ways to color with love. Enjoy exploring your inner and outer beauty with this palette. Haus Laboratories loves you, and that love has no boundaries.”

For InStyle's latest cover, global artistry director of Haus Laboratories and makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who created the unforgettable look for the star, reveals that she used three shades from the palette for Gaga's eyes: Enemy, a warm orange hue; Stupid Love, a matte mixup of mauve and brown; and Plastic Doll, a soft pink.

Lady Gaga InStyle May 2020
Givenchy Haute Couture dress. Philip Treacy London hat. Photo by Nathaniel Goldberg/The Lindsay Thompson Company.

"They're just all kind of smudged together and all over and layered," she shares. "When you put all three of them together it creates this beautiful sunset look."

VIDEO: Lady Gaga Marks Her Return to Pop Music with the Release of “Stupid Love”

But just because the palette made its way to a magazine cover before landing in your hands doesn't mean it will be intimidating for the average makeup-lover to use. In fact, it was actually created to be the exact opposite.

"The matte colors are pressed a little harder so they don’t flake out on your face, while the shimmery ones are pressed a little looser," Tanno explains. "All of formulas are so velvety and pigmented that you could pick this up and apply it with your finger if you want a more edgy, bold kick to it."

Stupid Love Palette

Thankfully, you won't have to wait too long to play with it yourself. The Stupid Love Palette officially launches on May 19, and will be available on as well as Amazon.

As far as tips go for wearing the 18 bold new shades, the only rule you'll have to follow is that you shouldn't be following any rules at all.

"I want to encourage people that it’s okay to wear color, and it doesn’t mean you have to have a really bold eye with a neutral mouth; I want to push you to do the opposite," Tanno says. "I don’t think it’s all about the rules, it’s more about breaking them."

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