Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty; Indigo/Getty

Lady Gaga and Queen Elizabeth II both have a penchant for ornate headgear (Her Majesty favors tiaras and crowns; the Lady opts for telephones and Muppets) and now it seems that they share the same taste in lingerie. The international fashion press is abuzz over news that Gaga has yet to return several corsets borrowed from Rigby & Peller, official Corsetieres to H.M. Queen Elizabeth since 1960. The handmade silk-and-lace basques—with their padded hips that give wearers a structured, tulip-shaped silhouette—were due back Thursday for the line's Autumn/Winter 2010 runway presentation in London, but didn't arrive in time. We aren't taking sides in this style standoff, but if we were in possession of a foundation garment so good it's fit for a queen, we'd probably have a hard time giving it back too!

—Bronwyn Barnes, with reporting by Courtney Rubin